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Inspection and Remediation for Façades

Inspection and Remediation


Within Global Technical Services (GTS), we provide a Façade and Fire Scrutineering Service, where we are seeing combustible material (specifically insulation), being used on all types of builds. This includes HMO’s that are only 3 stories high.

Any existing multi-occupied, multi-residential buildings containing two or more sets of domestic premises now require the fire risk assessment to include an assessment of the external wall under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Our Façade and Fire Engineering Services

  • Advice to building owners on options for refurbishing or replacing existing building envelopes.
  • Advice related to the condition of historic facades to be retained/repaired and technical support in the liaison with Historic England or local
    Conservation Officers including structural investigations.
  • Peer review assessment of third party designs.
  • Façade and Fire Safety Reviews inline with the RIBA phases 0–7.
  • Technical support with regards Gateways 1, 2 & 3 Submissions for Façade and Fire Engineering.
  • FRAEW in line with PAS 9980 and supporting EWS1 Form submittal as
  • Technical Due Diligence including pre-purchase and end of lease surveys.
  • Condition surveys as part of an estate’s planned schedule of inspections.
  • Pre-contract work, integrated into the design team and supporting the
    facade repair/refurbishment design/specification.
  • Pre-contract work, reviewing employer’s design intent documentation.
  • Post-contract work, reviewing contractors’ technical submittals,
    witnessing testing, monitoring fabrication and inspecting works on site.
  • Assistance to main contractors in reviewing progress and workmanship of facade sub-contractors.
  • Technical Expert advice and Latent Defect or Defective Premises support in any cladding related legal disputes.
On-Site Fire Scrutineer

PI Insurance to £10million

At GTS we inspect Cladding and Façades to make sure that it is installed and maintained correctly, and that it falls in line with Approved Document B, and Manufacturers Guidelines, producing detailed reports and issuing a FRAEW in-line with PAS 9980, highlighting any shortcomings and outlining any remedial works that must be carried out to ensure compliance. Global Technical Services specialist cover regards:

  • Fire Engineering
  • EWS1 Forms
  • PAS9980 FRAEW
  • External Wall Assessments
  • Fire Scrutineer
  • Fire Strategy
  • Retrospective Fire Strategy 3rd Party Insurance Accredited

Detailed Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls reports are produced by Façade Technical Consultants and reviewed by Senior Fire Engineers.

Case Study – Gateshead Council

Global Technical Services (GTS) was asked to review Fire Risk Appraisals of the External Wall of sites across Gateshead completed by Gateshead Council. FRAEWs were reviewed and read in line with the PAS9980 and reports were produced for the Building Safety Officer for Gateshead Council. Site visits were undertaken and the reports highlighted points of clarification, confirmation or remediation.

Global HSE supported with verifying a Risk Rating for each site in line with PAS 9980 guidance. Global commented on the combustibility of the materials, whilst also validating the recommended remediations where necessary. The FRAEW’s that Global have supported with are not intended to be used as a means to audit design or construction of buildings against any applicable regulations or guidance, nor to support litigation in relation to compliance with Building Regulations.

Since 2020 conbustible materials are no longer allowed

The service is vital to identify potential fire hazards, vulnerable points of ignition, and compromised fire-resistant materials within the façade. Regular inspections involve a meticulous review of cladding, insulation, and fire barriers to ensure they meet stringent safety standards.

Should any deficiencies be found, a comprehensive remediation strategy is developed. This could entail replacing flammable materials with fire-resistant alternatives, reinforcing fire barriers, and improving the overall fire containment properties of the façade. Prioritising these inspections and necessary remediation not only mitigates fire risks, but also contributes to safeguarding occupants, protecting property, and upholding the overall fire resilience of structures.

Each façade type has its own set of characteristics and features, which architects and engineers are required to consider when developing a building.
Damian Roberts
Damian Roberts

Façade Technical Consultant

Bruce Patterson
Bruce Patterson
Senior Fire Engineer

Damian has over 5 years’ experience in Façade Design and Roofing after graduating from Liverpool John Moore University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Building Surveying. Damian has assisted senior project managers in large remediation developments across Greater Manchester and London.

Bruce worked for Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service for almost 20 years. Progressing from Fire Fighter, to Fire Engineer, he headed up the commercial arm of the Fire Service in Newcastle

Fire safety is our whole business

The team is assembled of individuals from diverse backgrounds including fire safety, building engineering, façade engineering firefighting, military, and infrastructure design and build.

Our expert team can provide a breadth of fire engineering knowledge to any project, spanning the built environment and housing sectors.

Offering bespoke fire engineered solutions that cover all aspects of fire safety, ranging from non-standard construction details to buildings that step away from traditional guidance.