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Global Technical Services (GTS), acting under instruction from BPHA were requested to undertake a Fire Risk Appraisal External Wall Survey (FRAEW) for 12 developments across the UK, in order to assess the suitability of the external wall system in accordance with published guidance PAS9980: 2022. Consisting of purpose built apartment blocks dating from the 60s-80s with a variety of occupancy and storeys all from 10m. All the FRAEWs were completed by a team of Façade Technical Consultants and Senior Fire Engineers.


GTS’s Fire Engineering Division and Façades Division collaborated to support a housing authority in Bedford with 12 Fire Risk Appraisals of the External Wall. The GTS teams initially assessed each premises, breaking them down into common archetypes. The Façades Division identified areas of intrusive works, aligned to recommendations from the PAS 9980.

GTS provided the access, whilst also completing the intrusive works, where we coloured matched the areas that were opened up, and made-good afterwards, to ensure the façade envelope was
uncompromised and weather tight. Global’s’ Fire Engineering and Façade division then worked in tandem to produce an FRAEW report for each premises, providing a risk rating, along with the
appropriate remediation works required where necessary.