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Gateshead Council

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Gateshead Council






FRAEW Review

Global Technical Services (GTS) was asked to review Fire Risk Appraisals of the External Wall of sites across Gateshead completed by Gateshead Council. FRAEWs were reviewed and read in line with the PAS9980 and reports were  produced for the Building Safety Officer for Gateshead Council. Site visits were undertaken and the reports highlighted points of clarification, confirmation or remediation.


Global HSE supported with verifying a Risk Rating for each site in line with PAS 9980 guidance. Global commented on the combustibility of the materials, whilst also validating the recommended remediations where necessary. The FRAEW’s that Global have supported with are not intended to be used as a means to audit design or construction of buildings against any applicable regulations or guidance, nor to support litigation in relation to compliance with Building Regulations.

The GTS Team took from a team of Fire Engineers and Façade Consultants to complete a triage of all 25 buildings, supporting with breaking them down into common archetypes. Global then supported the Building Safety Officer with their FRAEW process and risk validation for each premises. Following a Document Review carried out by Global and upon further research and reference to manufactures installation details, Global were able to validate the risk rating assigned to each premises, along with provided further narrative to advise the next best steps, where remediation was required.