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On 1 October 2023, the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) became the Building Control Authority for all higher-risk buildings (HRBs) in England.

If you’re planning any projects on higher-risk buildings in England, you need building control approval from the BSR before any building work can commence.

What is a Higher-Risk Building (HRB)?

Classified on gov website:
During the design and construction phases, a higher-risk building has at least 7 storeys or is at least 18 metres in height and either:

  • is a hospital or care home
  • has at least 2 residential units

Documents you need to prepare 

As part of your building control application, it is required that you gather and maintain the following fire safety documents. These fire safety documents are essential and must be kept current throughout the construction process, as they constitute a portion of the necessary records you are obligated to maintain.

The fire and emergency file outlines the premises on which the building’s management and maintenance strategies are based, particularly once it is operational. This document must address the mitigation of fire spread and the prevention of structural failure from the outset of construction. It is required to encompass:

  • The foundational assumptions guiding the design and intended use of the building, which should be both realistic and thoroughly vetted, accompanied by a well-founded explanation.
  • The measures that responsible individuals must implement to guarantee a safe evacuation process.
  • Provisions for enabling fire and rescue services to access the site, building, and water sources essential for firefighting efforts.
  • A comprehensive fire strategy that details the methods for adhering to the functional requirements A3 and B1 to B5 outlined in Schedule 1 of the building regulations.

Global Technical Service (GTS) – Fire Strategies

Our team of experts work hard to ensure that all Fire Strategies carried out by GTS are to the highest standard and are as meticulous as possible, outlining every detail.

GTS can provide:

  • Fire strategy production and review for any client in line with the RIBA stages.
  • Support at a qualitative design review
  • Fire Safety Management Plans to BS9997
  • Cladding investigations for residential high rise building in preparation for a EWS1 form to be issued and signed by a charted RIBA member
  • Fire Engineered design and review for solutions that do not fall in line with ADB (BS 9999, BS 9991 and bespoke fire engineered solutions)
  • EWS1 surveys and Fire Risk assessments for residential and non-residential building
  • Fire Strategy Drawings and Compartmentation Drawings
  • Provide advice to clients for pre-consultation meetings with building control or other local authorities to meet the designer’s vision

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