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Two hours of CPD points are available. Presented by Ian Abley

Webinar Date: 15 February 2024

The Class O Conundrum; Class 0 was said to be the highest national performance classification for construction materials and products, such as in external walls, until the fatal fire of Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017. Despite a warning about the potential combustibility of Class 0 “cladding” products from the Select Committee to the Ministry publishing statutory guidance after Garnock Court fire on 11 June 1999.

Class 0 was defined in the statutory guidance of Approved Document Part B and not in any British Standard. When Grenfell Tower Inquiry finally reports by June 2024 it will be seven years since 72 deaths. That was an unnecessary and high price for British society to discover that Class 0 could in fact be achieved by composite products with highly combustible cores.

This webinar explains the Class 0 Conundrum using the evidence in a continuing process of disclosure, which led to Inquiry publication in 2022 of the Research on the Approved Document And Revision (RADAR) project, undertaken with construction industry partners in 2000.

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Webinar Date: 15 February 2024 @ 15:30pm

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