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Case Study: Angel Court

Client: Gateshead Council
Project: Angel Court
Scope of works: Internal and external remediation works on doors and exterior cladding
Programme works are planned over 26-weeks, completion is planned for
mid-February however the works are progressing at speed therefore a January completion

Collaborating with the fire engineers from Gateshead Council, our own fire engineers, and the building and façade team, we have collectively established an efficient programme of work.

Ensuring tenant engagement is top of our priorities and working hard with the council to provide a safe environment for a live site and current occupants. The works include the removal of combustible Kingspan Kooltherm foil-faced insulation and reinstate A1 non-combustible mineral wool slab and the correct cavity barriers suitable for a rainscreen application.

Existing Façade Make-Up

Images are indicative of the issues found behind the Rock panel Facades. Global attended site on multiple visits to gain further knowledge of the façade configuration and how we can best remediate the external wall.

FRAEW Remediation Recommendations

  1. To remove and replace inappropriate fire cavity barriers to all EWS affected areas with the approved type specifically for the façade configuration taking into consideration of the building height and occupancy profile.
  2. To remediate cavity closers to openings to ensure a complete seal is achieved between the cavity and the apartment.
  3. To assess the suitability of the substrate in which the fire/cavity barrier is affixed to at all EWS affected areas to ensure a complete seal between line of compartmentation is achieved.

Scope of Work

  • Carefully remove existing rock panels.
  • Remove all combustible insulation, and breather membrane, stripping down to the existing sheathing board. Leaving Timber Battens in place.
  • Installation of non-combustible insulation behind and between existing timber battens.
  • Installation of barriers at every return.
  • Ensure weather tightness and waterproofing of existing sheathing board.
  • Reinstatement of Rock Panels.
  • Installation of correct cavity barriers positioned at Compartment lines (Horizontal and Vertical).

Social Value

Global donated £3,756.00

New Chicken Coop – The old chicken coop was restricting access to the scaffolding. So Global, alongside the residents supplied a brand new chicken coop.
Repainted the Communal Area
Operatives at Angel Court have utilised the ‘Pie in the Sky’ café within the scheme increasing local spend within the community.